The LD-Diet allows you to view your trading activity since you joined Arihant . At the end of each day, your trading activity is uploaded from ODIN DIET Trader to your account for your personal. Use this data to understand your historical trading activity, file tax returns, and other accounting purposes.

To install LD-Diet follow the steps :

  1. Click on LD-DIET and run the exe.
  2. LD-DIET requires Dot Net versions of 4.0 & above .
  3. While running the LD -Diet exe if the error contains the message of "Unknown Publisher " , you have to install the Dot net Framework 4.0 & above .
  4. To install the same , click on Dot Net 4.0 .
  5. To install higher version , click on Higher Versions.
  6. After this process again run the  Setup LD-Diet exe.
  7. Enter the connection server string as - " " .

If you still face difficulty in installation , feel free to contact us .....